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Check out our Michigan lake products! Sunsets are spectacular here, and the beach is where you go to watch them. Just like beer and wine, we have an abundance of locally made ice cream in Michigan. Red, blue and yellow Superman ice cream is a Michigan classic. It tastes exactly like what you would think red, blue and yellow tastes like, if colors had flavor. Meijers is the one-stop shop for everything from groceries to socks to garden seeds, and they were doing it long before anyone in Michigan ever heard of Walmart.

We have professional teams in all four major sports: football, baseball, hockey and basketball.

We call the top of the Lower Peninsula, Northern Michigan. But the Upper Peninsula, which is also part of Michigan, is actually farther north than Northern Michigan.

Michigan Slang/Colloquialisms

Is that clear enough? Hell freezes over every year in Michigan. Oddly, Hell is famous for its ice cream shop.

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We think of orange construction barrels as the first flowers of spring. Also, you can just drive down the road. Almost every town has a shop where you can buy beer, pizza and bait. Deer hunting season is a big deal here, and Opening Day is an unofficial holiday. Sometimes you have to turn right to go left. Known as a Michigan Left Turn, you continue through the intersection to a turn lane where you make a U-turn onto the opposite lane of traffic.

Then you continue back to the intersection and turn right. Does that make sense? We wear shorts and coats at the same time. It might be 50 degrees at in the morning, but by afternoon is will be sweltering. Michiganders are friendly. Strangers will talk to you. A lot. For a long time. Summer is spent on the white sand beaches and in the sparkling clear waters. We spend fall taking in the Technicolor leaves in the forests. Spring is soft and green, colored with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

Except Florida in February. Collen is a Michigan based blogger. She loves everything about the mitten state. She's been blogging since and shares her love and passion for Michigan with the Grandpa Shorter's audience. I grew up in Michigan, but life circumstances moved me to South Carolina 20 years ago. I was born and raised in a lovely small town near the shore in New Jersey and moved to Michigan, by way of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Indiana, in my late 20s—almost 40 years ago—and I love this wonderful, beautiful state of Michigan.

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I move to Hawaii 3 years ago from Michigan because of work. They say its Paradise, not to the people from Michigan. No snow. I moved here because i never heard of michigan Detroit yes michigan no i love it here i love everything about michigan its my state now. My family is Cornish, live in Ironwood, and my Cornish aunt cooked pasties for us every week. I miss Michigan! But my children are all in California.

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We all plan on moving out of state soon but, alas, not to Michigan. I lived there for my 1st 20 years. Beats the heck out of CA. Anyone know where Lapeer is? Or even more obscure…Barnes Lake? Lapeer is about 20 miles west of Flint. And then Barnes Lake is about 15 minutes north of Lapeer, up M I miss Michigan, too ever since moving to Vegas. Oh, and a casino…. This is all so accurate, I love Michigan and all the beautiful seasons that it brings. I have no desire to vacation any where outside of Michigan.

Truman in Michigan went to the Democrats in presidential elections during the s and voted for the Republican candidate in every election from to Between and it supported the Democrats; early on in , it was pegged as a swing state , and was narrowly won by the G. Born in Nebraska, he moved as an infant to Grand Rapids. In Michigan became the first state in the Union, as well as the first English-speaking government in the world, [39] [40] to abolish the death penalty. Historian David Chardavoyne has suggested the movement to abolish capital punishment in Michigan grew as a result of enmity toward the state's neighbor, Canada.

Under British rule, it made public executions a regular practice. Michigan has recognized and performed same-sex marriages since June 26, , following the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v.

Geography of Michigan

On November 6, , Michigan approved a proposal to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, [44] [45] which took effect on December 6, State government is decentralized among three tiers—statewide, county and township. Counties are administrative divisions of the state, and townships are administrative divisions of a county. Both of them exercise state government authority, localized to meet the particular needs of their jurisdictions, as provided by state law. There are 83 counties in Michigan. Cities, state universities , and villages are vested with home rule powers of varying degrees.

Home rule cities can generally do anything not prohibited by law. The fifteen state universities have broad power and can do anything within the parameters of their status as educational institutions that is not prohibited by the state constitution. Villages, by contrast, have limited home rule and are not completely autonomous from the county and township in which they are located.

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There are two types of township in Michigan: general law township and charter. Charter township status was created by the Legislature in and grants additional powers and stream-lined administration in order to provide greater protection against annexation by a city. In general, charter townships have many of the same powers as a city but without the same level of obligations. For example, a charter township can have its own fire department, water and sewer department, police department, and so on—just like a city—but it is not required to have those things, whereas cities must provide those services.

30 Things Only People from Michigan Understand

Charter townships can opt to use county-wide services instead, such as deputies from the county sheriff's office instead of a home-based force of ordinance officers. Lawrence watershed and is the only state with the majority of its land thus drained. It has more public golf courses, registered boats, and lighthouses than any other state.

The state is bounded on the south by the states of Ohio and Indiana , sharing land and water boundaries with both. Michigan's western boundaries are almost entirely water boundaries, from south to north, with Illinois and Wisconsin in Lake Michigan; then a land boundary with Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, that is principally demarcated by the Menominee and Montreal Rivers ; then water boundaries again, in Lake Superior, with Wisconsin and Minnesota to the west, capped around by the Canadian province of Ontario to the north and east.

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The heavily forested Upper Peninsula is relatively mountainous in the west. The surface on either side of this range is rugged. The peninsula is as large as Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island combined but has fewer than , inhabitants. They are sometimes called "Yoopers" from "U. The Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten and many residents hold up a hand to depict where they are from. The surface of the peninsula is generally level, broken by conical hills and glacial moraines usually not more than a few hundred feet tall.

It is divided by a low water divide running north and south. The larger portion of the state is on the west of this and gradually slopes toward Lake Michigan. The geographic orientation of Michigan's peninsulas makes for a long distance between the ends of the state. Ironwood , in the far western Upper Peninsula, lies miles 1, kilometers by highway from Lambertville in the Lower Peninsula's southeastern corner. The geographic isolation of the Upper Peninsula from Michigan's political and population centers makes the U. Occasionally U. A feature of Michigan that gives it the distinct shape of a mitten is the Thumb.

This peninsula projects out into Lake Huron and the Saginaw Bay.